This data emerges from surveys conducted in the USA as well as in Italy.

A statistic that cannot be ignored, especially considering that by 2024, the personal and educational cultural level of consciences has significantly increased, reaching peaks close to 100%.

And so, once again, girls, women must take action.

Thus was born the trend of the ‘Subway Shirt,’ an extra-large and long shirt designed to conceal the body from prying eyes, a fashion that spread from the USA and also gained ground in Milan, the quintessential metropolitan city, where the female world, like the male world (at least on paper), works the same hours and shifts, forcing workers to commute across the city using public transportation and subways, at any time of the day and NIGHT.

But as we know well, even fairy tales tell us, it’s at night that wolves, ogres, the bogeyman (with no racial connotation, clearly), and all kinds of monsters that seem to hide during the day come out. But is that true? Unfortunately, no. Today, these same monsters have become tolerant and move and act undisturbed even in broad daylight.

These girls, aged 16 to 25, when asked ‘what would you do if men disappeared for 24 hours?’ answered, ‘wear whatever I want,’ ‘walk the streets with earbuds listening to music,’ ‘go for a jog in the evening.’ In other words, everyday activities.

Indignation cannot help but rise and fill every cell of every human being with at least a shred of brains and dignity. Walking, running, or simply sitting on a bench lost in thought to the sounds of the evening, for these girls, feels like something prohibited, unattainable.

The data collected comes from a survey conducted by Eumetra, a company, through 800 telephone interviews.

An Italian singer-songwriter, Edoardo Bennato, already in 1983 wrote a song titled ‘Una Ragazza’ (A Girl) dedicated to this topic: ‘If a girl wants to walk alone in the evening, she can’t do it, it’s not right if she’s not accompanied. Walking alone in the city seems normal to me, but for a girl, who knows why she can’t do it? Walking alone in the city, there’s nothing wrong with it, but for a girl, who knows why she can’t do it? It’s a strange spell that has always affected her while the year 2000 isn’t so far away anymore. Every evening locked at home but this time she’s decided and wants to walk alone in the city with her smile. Alone on the street with her smile, and who could harm her if there will be a thousand girls who will want to imitate her!’

What has changed after 41 years? It seems like nothing