Women must no longer be ‘squeezed into a small corner’, landmark Forum declares 

In a bid to put gender equality at the heart of COVID recovery, UN Women kicked off a three-day “landmark effort” in Paris on Wednesday, aiming to lay out ambitious investments and policies to bridge the chasm between where women stand in the world today, and where they should be, by 2030.  

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Norway is Creating a Huge National Park Where Arctic Coal Mine Once Lay

Reprinted with permission from World At Large, a news website of nature, politics, science, health, and travel. Norway is dismantling their last Arctic coal mine piece by piece and turning the area it sits in into a national park twice the size of Grand Teton in Wyoming. The goal is to turn the Svalbard Archipelago, in

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Urgent action needed to end ‘inhumane conditions’ facing Haiti prisoners: UN rights chief

Extreme overcrowding and lack of access to food, water and health, are among the ‘inhumane conditions’ that prisoners in Haiti must endure, often over the course of many years, according to a new UN report.

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Stress Accelerates Grays, But Hair Color Can Be Restored When Stress is Eliminated, Scientists Discover

Legend has it that Marie Antoinette’s hair turned gray overnight just before her beheading in 1791. Though the legend is inaccurate—hair that has already grown out of the follicle does not change color—a new study from researchers at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons is the first to offer quantitative evidence linking psychological

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No A/C No Problem — Use These Tricks to Stay Cool and Save Money During Summer Heat

Turns out there are simpler methods than air-conditioning to keep a room or house cool and save you a ton of money. That’s handy, given that depending on your temperature preference and frugality, running an A/C unit can cost anywhere from $14 to $211 per month. Here in Italy, ground floor units don’t even have

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Youth Who Walks 17 Miles Each Day So He Can Work is Given New Bike and $52,000 From Good Samaritans

Some people may say they’re dedicated to their jobs but others don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk—literally. To make it to his shift as a Buffalo Wild Wings cook, Donte Franklin was leaving for work three hours early each day and trekking more than eight miles on foot to arrive on time.

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